MVBespoke works with exclusive brands to create a sustainable and engaged relationship between themselves and traveling HNWI clientele, with a specific focus on cross-cultural interaction going beyond "just" sales and brand recognition.

MVBespoke enables access to products, people, places of luxury and exclusivity for traveling clients, organizing exclusive travel and shopping related events.

The company works closely with not only major brands but also smaller yet exclusive luxury brands to enhance their visibility and awareness amongst the HNW travelers. Our clients include Ferragamo, Fabergé and Baglioni Hotels amongst others.

MVBespoke was founded on the experience and intuition of Mariaveronica Favoroso, who spent many years working in China and specializing in luxury strategy consulting.

"Our goal is to work with you to build a sustainable long-term brand affinity with your customers, using practical and effective methods. Our expertise lies in leveraging over 15 years experience and information networks gained from working “hands-on” with TLC across regions from Far East to Middle East and Europe. We aim to develop workable strategies to managing a durable and lucrative UHNW client relationship. Our clients are top tier global luxury brands in Europe. We pride in providing services that are flexible and fit around your schedules. Our knowledge, track record and previous experiences allow us to deliver an added “practical and hands-on” value for the client. Our perspective is enriched with the study of best practices from different sectors in the luxury industry."


From a background as a corporate lawyer in Milan, she moved to China where she spent 5 years, understanding the rising influence and impact of the HNW Chinese clients and their specific demands as well as cultural and social aspects.

Following a MBA at Cass Business School – culminating in a final dissertation on: "A study of the travel luxury consumers’ market with a focus on China and Saudi Arabia" - she founded MVBespoke to provide exclusive services and consulting in this niche segment.  MVBespoke’s clients are major global companies in the Fashion, jewellery, hospitality and communication industry in the UK, Italy and Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and China.


Beatrice Cavalleri is an experienced manager and consultant with expertise in Human Relations and Organizational Development.  She has spent more than 10 years in Shanghai, China, working both as OD manager and as Action Coach for Organizational Development, Performance & Cross Cultural management, HR Auditing & Implementation.

She has experience in the luxury travel and she has been working in Shanghai in a leading luxury travel company, catering high net worth individuals from APAC. Among the companies she has worked with, we have Seves Group, Avon, Philips Healthcare, Berterlsmann Arvato, Biomet and Select Italy.


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