Cross Cultural Training
A Three Phases Service

MVBespoke's research with prominent global clients and mystery shopping in London, Paris, Rome and Milan showed a service lacking in cultural sensitivity from the sales personnel. The cross-cultural training provides the sales associates and their managers with a rounded perspective on cultural challenges and on how to overcome them in the sale process. Based on the TLC Audit TM of the brand's customer profile, the store current operations process and service, MVBespoke offers training packages tailored to the brand's specific needs. We strongly believe, "one size does NOT fit all".

The training is based on active learning, interaction and role playing, allowing the sales personnel to immediately practice the relevant cross-selling techniques. The best seller training is on interaction with Chinese consumers, but Indian, Arab, Russian consumers' expertise is also available.

MVBespoke's clients are leading global luxury brands in fashion, jewellery and hospitality.

Training Academy

As a part of our service, we aim to provide fully trained, culturally aware and experienced sales executives and candidates to the best-known brands in the luxury sector including jewellery, fashion, hospitality and gastronomy.

Our clients are leading luxury brands with global presence that are looking to employ excellent candidates for special occasions, VIP events, ceremonies, Chinese holidays periods, week-ends, seasonal holidays and more.

Training Academy's candidates are carefully selected according to highest standards, from top schools and have excellent inter-personal, communication and presentation skills with great motivation.